About Diana


"Children should not be qualified and judged for who they are within the external world. Instead, they should be validated and honored for who they are within their internal world." ~Diana


Diana's greatest passion is writing books that inspire, encourage, and empower kids of all ages and from all backgrounds.

It is through the lens of multicultural context that Diana's picture books weave rich, meaningful, and real life experiences into captivating stories. Her characters are alluring and unique, and tuck young readers into bed, follow them hand-in-hand into the Dreamtime, and support them through life's bumps and bruises. Her picture books powerfully and succinctly express the commonalities in life for children everywhere, creating a necessary sense of global and personal connection. 

Picture books by Diana include: Lighting the Earth, My Country, Warrior, and Zoo- some of which have yet to become published. Books may be purchased locally at Tsunami Bookstore, Sequential BioFuels, Eugene Toy & Hobby, Dancing Weasel, EcoJustice Press, and through this site by emailing contact@DianaNadeau.com.


"A book should teach through humble and subtle means, meeting children on their own level, and guiding them into their own hearts for the answers to life's questions." ~Diana

 As for books for older kids, Diana targets her favorite audience, the amazing and glorious 'tween crowd. Having worked with children of all ages for more than twenty years, Diana has grown profoundly fond of the sometimes-awkward, often-confused, and almost-always embarrassed 'tweeners, who respond beautifully to humor, silly antics, and validation for their challenges. The characters in Diana's 'tween novels traverse a landscape of larger bumps and bruises while simultaneously crossing over the bridge from childhood to teenhood. With great humor, tenderness, and reverence for kids moving through this chapter in life, Diana's 'tween books offer hysterical and fun, yet meaningful and rich entertainment. 

Diana is currently moving her first 'tween novel, Reckoning the Sea, through the hoops of the publishing path, while working on the second novel in this trillogy. For questions about the progress of these novels, email contact@DianaNadeau.com.