Reading and book signing, Oct 6, 2018, 2pm - Tsunami Bookstore, Eugene, OR

Pola's Flower is the recipient of a grant from Khyentse Foundation for its efforts in preserving Tibetan culture and art. It has been acclaimed by Taoist Master Alfred Huang, and is a two-time, award-winning children's picture book, with authentic Tibetan illustrations by artist Lobsang Gyatso. Come hear excerpts read aloud by Diana, and see some of the original artwork on display. This book is a treasure, geared toward children ages 8-12 years old. It beautifully portrays the joys of life and love amidst challenging times. Hardcover and paperback books available on site during the signing event.

The Heart of Diana's Work

Diana Nadeau's greatest aspiration and mission is to provide genuine and authentic expression in her books and services to help people of all ages find their own true voice which, when communicated clearly and from a place of compassion, brings enrichment to all. 

Diana's work encompasses several realms: 

  • Publishing - Diana writes books which encourage children to find their own power. Her messages help to highlight her young readers' unique and personal expression, while her 'tween and adult books weave clear yet subtle messages about the importance of allowing life to inspire internal growth and movement. Her books offer a reminder to look within, a talent we all need to foster, particularly in difficult times.
  • Tibetan Meditation - Diana's extensive training in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation provides a strong foundation for her teaching. Her style is light, fun, and direct, and she provides a stable, respectful, and safe environment for students to quiet the mind, hear the wisdom of their inner voice, and navigate a path in life which is authentic, engaging, and fulfilling.

  • Professional Services: Mediation - Even with inspiration and awareness, we all need help at times with communicating, listening, and negotiating with others. Diana's approach focuses on the Positive Resolve model, allowing clients to free themselves from the binds of habitual patterns that bring harm to loving relationships. Positive Resolve incorporates a practical perspective and necessary tools, which help clients move healthfully through conflicts in a present and balanced manner, providing a real model for self-reliant and empowered movement forward.

​Publishing, Tibetan meditation, and mediation are all clear facets of Diana's innate capabilities and strengths. Although they are quite distinct activities, they all are directed toward the same end of creating a more understanding, peaceful, and compassionate world.


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