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I write stories that reach straight to the heart, always giving kids the benefit of the doubt. What inspires me is the belief that children are more wise and intuitive than our current society gives them credit for. Many of my stories take place within indigenous times and places where children's innate talents of wisdom and intuition are honored. My characters are unique and intriguing, as they reflect back to my young readers those qualities which are true to the nature of all humans, regardless of age or culturally accepted qualifying factors. 

My greatest passion is to provide children an open door to their inner world, helping them to stay connected with those inherent qualities that guide them safely and healthfully through life.

Praise for Books by Diana

"Diana's writing speaks a clear and powerful message, and breaks new ground by linking a multicultural approach to interdisciplinary learning. Her writing powerfully stimulates children into a celebration of writing, art, song, dance, and one's own inner gifts. Her stories are motivating resources for parents, teachers, and educators, helping us to connect with our children, one another, and the environment we all share."

~James R. Jelmberg, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 

"In my village in West Africa, it is held that each of us comes into this world with a purpose, a gift to deliver. Children and adults alike will recognize the voice of spirit in Diana's pages as they take gentle journeys into remembering who we are and why we are here."
~Malidoma P. Somé, Author of Healing Wisdom of Africa, and Of Water and Spirit

"Thank you for the book, Lighting the Earth. I like the part when the girl has a fire dream and the only thing that calms her down is the river. Thank you for reminding me to light the Earth!"

~Oceana, 4th grader, Eugene, OR

Pola's Flower


 Pola's Flower is a gentle yet powerful account of a young Tibetan girl's relationship with her grandfather, Pola. Metog-ma and Pola live in the quiet and magical land of Tibet during the time just before the historical government take-over. Pola is a painter of Buddhist scrolls known as thangkas. He tells Metog-ma that thangkas have the potential for giving secret messages to those who meditate on the sacred images. 

As a seven year old child growing up in a traditional family, Metog-ma recognizes her grandfather's capabilities for penetrating wisdom. And so, she follows Pola everywhere. She asks Pola everything. She listens closely to his words. And she watches as he paints grand landscapes adorned with glorious Buddhas, stately mountains, lush blue lakes, and richly colored lotus flowers. Secretly, she holds her greatest wish: to be able to see the messages hidden in her grandfather's beautiful paintings.

With mastery, Pola prepares Metog-ma for impending and grave losses through his art. Sometimes this entails hard lessons, but she follows his every instruction even when faced with strong feelings of fear and sadness. Eventually, like one of Pola's lotus flowers growing out of the muck and mire, Metog-ma stumbles upon a wealth of inner strength and wisdom, aspiring to help others keep that which they love most alive in their hearts.

Pola's Flower is absolutely lovely, illustrated by traditionally trained thangka artist, Lobsang Gyatso. Geared toward children of ages 9-12 years, it offers a respectful glimpse of Tibetan life at a time when their culture was untouched by the major historical changes. The story offers wonderful support for children facing major life changes, and provides adults the means to foster compassion and strength as they help their children deal with life experiences. 

Pola's Flower is a must-have! 

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Sneak Preview of the Forward to the book:

Today, there are many people who are unaware that, until 1959, Tibet was a free country with its own distinct culture, language, history, art and spiritual tradition. What made it unique was that it was home to one of the last surviving wisdom cultures on earth. It was a land where one thousand two hundred years of history were devoted almost exclusively to one pursuit: developing the best kind of human beings... awake and engaged, wise and compassionate. They made spiritual education their national priority and developed science, arts, methods and institutions to develop wisdom, justice, tolerance and creativity on a large scale.

Just as the West gradually mastered the outer world through science and technology, in the monasteries and hermitages of the Himalayas, Tibet perfected the ‘inner sciences’ of the mind. As a result, Tibet came to possess a unique cultural heritage, which is part of the cultural heritage of the world. As a citizen of the world, I believe it is important to preserve and extend this precious wisdom culture. It has the potential to cultivate the good heart and joyful mind. Unfortunately this rich, profound, and ancient compassionate culture is facing danger of extinction in Tibet.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere compliments and congratulation to Diana Lynne Nadeau on her successful completion of this stunning visual introduction, which offers a  glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry and spiritual heart of Tibetan Buddhism through the eyes of a young Tibetan girl. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing about Tibet’s artistic wealth, its unique wisdom culture and its peace loving people.

Tulku Jigme Rinpoche
Founder and Director of the Palmo Center for peace and educatiom  in Eugene Oregon 

Lighting the Earth


Lighting the Earth, (Aurora Books, 2014)

By Diana Lynne Hoffman (Aka- Diana Nadeau)Illustrated by Karen Brough 2015 Skipping Stones Award  2015 Family Choice Award  

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And locally at: Tsunami Bookstore, Potala Gate, Eugene Toy & Hobby, Sequential Biofuels, and Sundance Natural Foods.